Hi, I'm Angela Rubien. I've been in graphic design, advertising and branding for 25 years. My bachelor's degree is from Art Center, College of Design, in Pasadena. I majored in Advertising as an art director. Before Art Center, I attended college Georg-Simon-Ohm Fachhochschule in Nuremberg, Germany, as a Communication Design major.


After graduating, I landed my first job as an art director at Dailey and Associates, conceptualizing and designing big ad campaigns for Honda Motorcycles, Asiana Airlines, California Lottery and other big accounts. I art directed photo shoots and TV commercials. Later, I worked for a design firm in Germany, where I did lots of graphic design projects, such as logos and brochures. One of my favorite jobs, though, was at Mattel. I designed packaging and got to work with some very talented engineers and illustrators. At Mattel I learned all about brand management and developed a style guide for a line of toys.


Starting in 1997, I skipped a few years as I decided to stay home with my kids. I can't go very long without doing something creative, though, so whenever I had some time I drew and painted. During this time, I illustrated two "First Reader's" books and a few educational posters for Renaissance House, a broker for illustrators. You can see my illustrations on my other website www.angelarubien.com.


In 2003, I got back into graphic design again, and since then I have been working as a freelance designer. One of my missions is to provide small and start-up businesses with quality design they can afford.


I try to help whenever I can. Over the years I've been doing logos, brochures, invitations and more for various non-profit organizations. Past organizations I've worked with include Crown Jewel Club, Love Works International and Dr. Eng for Torrance City Council. Currently, I support Foundation of Local Arts, Ride to Fly and South Bay FLARE and TRAA. I'm glad I was able to help the Rotary Club of Down Town Los Angeles and the Women's Program in Migori, Kenya by creating a new packaging for their sanitary products and designing business cards.


I love working with people. Especially for smaller businesses and non-profits it's very satisfying to see how much of a difference good graphic design and advertising can make.

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