You own a business and it's all about your customers and clientele, what they expect from you and how you can exceed their expectations. Branding includes all areas of your business: your product or service, your staff, interior design, website, advertising, social media and more. How you present your business visually is an important aspect. Clear communication and appealing graphics are essential to elevate your branding to its full potential.


Angela Rubien has been working in branding and advertising for 22 years and provides marketing materials ranging from logos, business cards and brochures to ads and websites, as well as branding and image consulting.


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What clients say about Angela


"Angela Rubien is an absolute pleasure to work with! She has designed several company logos and brand images for us, printed collateral, event program handouts, as well as book cover and book interior artwork. I enjoy working with Angela because her work style is balanced in creativity, collaboration and discipline to get a design completed without wasting a lot of time in the concept stage. One of her greatest talents is her ability to get to the heart of what a client is looking for and to guide them in sound design choices. She's also a very talented illustrator. I highly recommend her for graphic design services."

–Heidi Butzine, Owner, Social Workplace


"Angela has significantly helped me start my business, specifically assisting me with my new website. She was very knowledgeable with all components of building a website. She made the process simple and straightforward. In addition, she designed a logo which has been the focal point of my business. Angela is professional, kind, honest and very passionate about the work she does. I strongly recommend Angela for any website building, logo design and maintenance of a website."

– Elliot Shakeridge, Owner, LA Construction Concept


"Angela has been a huge asset to our law firm for several years. She is highly communicative, thoughtful, and unique with her design efforts to make our company stand out. Her consistency in our visual branding is something you can always rely on. She takes any idea we have and molds it into something even better to communicate even stronger to our clients and community. As I handle coordinating of our many marketing materials, Angela's responsiveness, kindness, and creativity is something to be recognized!"

– Jackie Mlinarcik, Marketing Associate, Chase Law Group



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